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Welcome to the music lab!

Collection of various tools related to sound in any form - from pure physics to the music theory. Let's experiment, discover, learn and have big fun.

Generators / Synthesis

Modules in this section generate sound basing on certaing parameters. Each category includes tools such as various types of synthesizers, sounds generator and virtual instruments. Before you begin make sure that you have turned-on speakers or headphones.

Signals composition

Check how audio waveforms (signals) consist together. Give parameters of input signals (frequency, amplitude, shape, etc.) and you can hear and see chart of their sum.

Metronome online

Simply... the metronome online, that is ready to work just in your internet browser. Set desired tempo, metrum, click "play" button and train with our lab!

Tone generator

Simple tool to generate singe tone with given frequency. is a website where you can explore the enchating world of sounds and compositions. The site is divided into modules and categories which refers to diffrent aspects of sound world. Here you can find easy and useful tools for musicans (online guitar tuner) or get to know how to play chords that may seem difficult to play at first. You can also familiaraze with concepts of musical theory. If you are into technical issues, there is also a subpage about contruction of various musical instruments and how various sounds are generated. How about seeing graph of your own voice scale on oscillscope or spectrum analyzer? Take your time to discover things that you haven't known about music before. Listen carefully and enjoy!